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Investment Solutions

For Family Offices, External Asset Managers, Insurance companies and Private banks

A unique attention

What we offer

Structured Products

Leverage our tool & trading desk to create fully tailored products. Follow your portfolio: schedule, risk, cash flows, performance, etc. Gain access to 20+ issuers. Benefit from mutualization effect.

Actively Managed Certificate (AMC)

Leverage our capacity to issue AMCs to centralize your asset management. Gain access to our proprietary AMC offer.

Other investment solutions

Benefit from our dealflow around CLNs, FX derivatives, etc with all major investment banks. Leverage our expertise to construct relevant strategies in any market conditions.

Transparency is key

For us, it is essential to understand your circumstances and needs in order to create your investment profile. Once your goals, needs, objectives, and expectations have been identified, we define together investment terms that you want to adopt, always taking into account that the protection of your assets and their long-term growth are our main objectives.


Our tailor-made investment strategies are geared towards professionals in the financial sector. We are independent partners that provide asset managers, banks and institutional investors with innovative solutions and an online monitoring platform.

Our team is composed of experts in the structuring of financial assets and private banking specialists. Our team’s extensive experience in the field enables us to build investment solutions that optimize the risk/return ratio.

Our multicultural and multidisciplinary team members come from diverse horizons but have in common a deep knowledge of Latin America’s culture and markets, where Capital Vision is strongly implanted, as well as of European and Anglo-Saxon markets.

Thanks to the mixed profile of its members and an overall analysis of different situations, Capital Vision understands the needs of its international clients and assists them with conceiving and developing investment products.

Our principles

Capital Vision is a financial engineering company providing tailor-made investment solutions.

At Capital Vision, our clients not only find a competent interlocutor but a partner in choosing the most suitable investment product. We are always open to generating new ideas and innovative solutions in order to help our clients meet the challenge they face.

At Capital Vision, we understand that financial advisors and their clients have varied and complex needs. Our global perspective allows us to ensure dynamic, innovative and efficient solutions for our clients.

Our goals

Create strong relationship with our customers and deliver consistent results.

  • Offer customized investment solutions for our clients
  • Generate added value for our clients by optimizing market conditions and offering innovative investment themes
  • Design portfolio that matches the client’s needs and investment goals
  • Provide a stable relationship in an evolving wealth management environment
  • Monitor the portfolio of our clients to maintain an effective risk/return ratio

Our products

Structured products are increasingly present in portfolios. The reason for their success is due to the fact that they are financial instruments that allow clients to optimize yields through different themes, adjusting the level of risk desired. Structured products are personalized financial instruments; that is, they allow the modeling of an investment solution according to the needs and the desired risk of the client.

  • Enhanced Yield: extra return in demanding market environments.
  • Diversity: various markets, themes, and assets beyond the traditional asset classes.‍‍
  • Adaptability: some structured products are best suited for investors with a low-risk appetite, while others involve increased risk.
  • Optimization: products are adapted according to each client’s country of residence.