Structured products

Our range of investment solutions can be tailored to the financial needs of you and your clients

At Capital Vision we are aware that each investor is unique. Each of our clients has different financial objectives, terms, risk profile and liquidity needs. This heterogeneity stimulates our creativity in order to respond to the needs of the client. Our offer is composed of:

Development of structured products

Structured products are increasingly present in portfolios. The reason for their success is due to the fact that they are financial instruments that allow clients to optimize yields through different themes, adjusting the level of risk desired. Structured products are personalized financial instruments; that is, they allow the modeling of an investment solution according to the needs and the desired risk of the client as well as the market prospects.

The advantages of structured products

  • Enhanced Yield: extra return in demanding market environments.
  • Diversity: various markets, themes and assets beyond the traditional asset classes.
  • Adaptability: some structured products are best suited for investors with a low-risk appetite, while others involve increased risk..
  • Optimization: products are adapted according to each client’s country of residence..

Our Pluses:

  • Personalized service
  • Reactivity
  • Continuous monitoring of your portfolio


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