Mutualization Solutions

Capital Vision has acquired a great expertise in the field of mutualization of investments which allows us to understand, analyze and make available to our customers the solutions best suited to their needs and their investment objectives while also focusing on cost optimization.



The investment strategy is defined in close collaboration with our clients who benefit from a tailor-made monitoring tool that integrates all the requirements of efficient portfolio management. Based on these parameters and individual characteristics, we will propose the most appropriate mutualization solution, AMC (Active Managed Certificate), ETP (Exchange Traded Product), Structured Product, etc.


The advantages of ETP

  • Transparency : the underlyings of the ETP are published daily (composition and valuation)
  • Cost efficient structure: no entry or over performances fees and management fees are reduced.
  • Diversification : the ETP format enables a greater portfolio diversification.
  • Real Time Trading : there are no limitations on buying and selling while the market is open.
  • Liquidity :  Weekly liquidity
  • Extensive choices : there is a wide variety of asset clases that can be incorporated into an ETP.

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